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Are you a social innovator or an entrepreneur working on challenges related to health and wellbeing?
Are you facing difficulties in getting to collaborate with policymakers or with other types of stakeholders?
Do you want to get in contact with other innovators or share ideas with entrepreneurs?
Do you need access to different sources of funding?
Then, this is your community! Get involved and be an active actor in the INTEGER Community!

Focused on challenge-driven promotion of healthy living and wellbeing, INTEGER will bring forward three important innovations for the development of more robust, sustainable, inclusive and integrative EU innovation ecosystems:
  1. The INTEGER 4 Helix Col·laboratory model to implement the next generation of living labs, the ‘Collaboratories’, 
  2.  A EU Healthy Living Col·laboratory, a true network of networks’ community with capacity to work on real social, tech and business-driven projects, and 
  3.  A new professional profile, the ‘col·laber’ or ‘col·laboratory manager’ as a multiplying agent of change of these integrated innovation ecosystems.
Taking advantage of the 4Helix co-creation we’ll try to respond to:
●      How to overcome the existing gap between social and business-driven innovations;
●      How to include in a more decisive manner the social innovation in the European calls (e.g. Horizon Europe, European Innovation Council);
●      How to foster more sustainable and functional 4helix dynamics with better governance.

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Join INTEGER-4H! which is open for you to get in touch with all other members of the community to share valuable information, keep up to date with all events, participate in projects, open discussions and Col·laborathons!

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The INTEGER project is funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement nº 101096563 . Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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